American Voice Power Caricature

Brad has been working his voice for decades and he is ready to heat things up for you! He resonates with an astounding range and unwavering control that comes packaged with fun, passion and an absolute dedication to his craft. He is a professionally trained voice-athlete with a tremendous range of voice characters to share and also has that guy-next-door approachability and believability needed for commercial or non-broadcast applications.
Brad has handled work with professionalism and ease for his clients which include CitiGroup, Sennheiser, Yamaha and Safeware. He has also created custom message-on-hold directories for national corporations.
Brad is memorable because he is quick on his feet, confident and downright affable! He will quickly and easily connect with your audience.
Whether you work with him in the studio, or remotely, you will instantly know and appreciate his voice skills as well as the natural connection he will effortlessly make with you.

Please contact me for more information. I would love to help you connect with your audience. Fill out the form below and include as much detail as you can in the comments section and I'll get right back to you! You may also contact me directly at
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This is Brad....and THIS is American Voice Power